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«Metro5: moving people, moving stories»

«Metro5: moving people, moving stories»

2013-09-10 – Metro5, a project that spotlights metro line 5 of the Brussels-Capital Region, which was presented this morning at the Gare de l’Ouest railway station, has been developed by the Hogeschool Universiteit Brussel (HUB) with the support of the Brussels Minister for Public Works and Transport. The aim is to showcase Brussels’ diversity to the general public and encourage intermodality in sustainable means of transport.

Metro line 5, the longest in the Brussels-Capital Region, has 28 stations, from Hermann-Debroux in Auderghem all the way to Erasme in Anderlecht. During their underground trips, travellers are sometimes unaware of what’s going on at ground level, although there is much of interest to discover. The different municipalities (Anderlecht, Molenbeek, Brussels, Etterbeek, Auderghem) and districts (Chant d’oiseau, Gare de l’Ouest, Dansaert, the European Quarter) that the line passes through are linked in their diversity.

Brussels: wealth in diversity

The strength of the Metro5 project lies in its participative character: local residents, commuters, the people of Brusselsand students are engaging in a dialogue together and thus contributing to the Region’s social and cultural diversity.

In order to implement the project, HUB worked closely with the LUCA School of Arts, the ISFC, the local service centres and community centres alongside metro line 5, the non-profit organisation Cactus&Co, Villo and STIB. 

HUB and LUCA believe in wealth in diversity, just as the Brussels-Capital Region believes in the young people and multiculturalism of Brussels. Raising awareness of this diversity calls for dialogue, and it is on these bases that the Metro5 project was devised. Students from HUB and LUCA entered into dialogue with people living in Brussels, giving rise to some fascinating stories and some eloquent photos.

Actions to boost intermodality

In connection with this project, HUB has organised various actions to promote intermodality, in order to persuade commuters to set out on foot or by bike to discover the different districts through which metro line 5 passes.

- Presentation of thematic newspapers at metro line 5 stations: two metro stations will be spotlighted every week through stories and photos of local residents and interesting routes that can be walked or cycled. The newspapers will also be distributed in the participating community centres and schools, at Muntpunt and in the information offices of Visit Brussels.

Free cycle trips are being organised by the non-profit organisation Cactus&Co, whose aim is to promote the use of bicycles in Brussels.

- A free mobile application (available for Android) provides the link between the content of the newspapers and the suggested routes.

Sociocultural activities are being organised on and around Metro Line 5, in collaboration with the community centres and local service centres.

- A Facebook page has been created ( on which the activities are publicised and where participants can share their experiences.