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A 140,000 euro subsidy for the Brussels Centre of Fashion and Design

The ‘Brussels boutikq’ pop-up store. - ©MODO Brussels

2011-12-16 - The Brussels regional government has decided to award a 140,000 euro grant to the non-profit Brussels Centre of Fashion and Design (CBMD) to enable it to successfully implement its action plan for 2012.
The idea of a ‘Brussels Centre of Fashion and Design’ arose from the findings of the 2006 thematic year dedicated to Fashion and Design. Since 2010, the Brussels Region and the City of Brussels have been working together closely to create a meeting-place for fashion and design professionals in a landmark part of the city. The centre will not only coordinate aid and initiatives to support the development of these two creative sectors which are of particular importance for Brussels, but is also expected to play a flagship role in the international promotion of Brussels and its numerous creative workers.
While the building at Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains undergoes a complete renovation, the CBMD has moved into premises at the Centre d’entreprises in Rue Dansaert. In the coming weeks it will be joined by teams from two other especially important players in these sectors, the non-profit associations Modo Brussels and Design in Brussels.
The subsidy of 140,000 euros granted by the Brussels Minister for the Economy and Employment will enable the CBMD to develop the following aspects of its 2012 Action Plan:
1. The development of an ‘economic desk’ responsible for ensuring the growth of both sectors by offering general economic support: specialised coaching in fashion and design, monthly organisation of seminars, meetings between designers and businesses, invitations to international publishers, support for projects through the local economy desk and the Brussels Enterprise Agency, etc.
2. The development of an ‘employment centre’ in charge of promoting the integration of young designers and fashion designers into the economy and the labour market. The specific tools to be developed include help with creating lookbooks, the development of a specific documentation space, the management of residencies and the creation of a centre of excellence dedicated to professional integration into the working world of fashion and design.
3. The development of communication tools.
As the Minister for the Economy puts it, ‘For Brussels, the two sectors of Fashion and Design are not just economic sectors that generate direct and indirect employment here, especially in professions of particular interest to the Region such as commerce, the craft professions, innovation and tourism; these are also two sectors that are actively involved in shaping our new image as a Region that is vibrant, bold, creative and resolutely contemporary. As such, the development and promotion of these two sectors is good for our image and reputation, creating a kind of “Brussels Touch” which will has positive effects and will have even more such effects in the future. This something from which the entire economy and all businesses located in the Brussels Region, especially on external markets, stand to benefit.’