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CTA – Computer animation and the graphic industry

 - ©Institut Diderot

Since June 2012, the CTA (Centre for Advanced Technology) for computer animation and the graphic industry has provided advanced training covering all technologies used in the printing sector. There is a growing need for specific training leading to qualifications in this sector, which is experiencing significant technological changes.

As at other CTAs, specialised rooms have been fitted out and state-of-the-art equipment purchased, including an offset press, hardware and page layout software.

The CTA now provides training for pupils and students, job-seekers and workers. Within the City of Brussels alone, nearly 350 pupils and students have benefited from this advanced learning opportunity in the fields of printing, computer animation, multimedia and audiovisual production.

The project owner, the Institut Diderot in Brussels, evaluates the CTA’s potential at 1,245 person-days of training per year when it is operating at full capacity (school year 2013-2014), and 25% of the training provision will be reserved for workers and job-seekers.