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Definitive route for Métro Nord

Definitive route for Métro Nord

2013-05-09 –The Brussels Regional Government yesterday made a final decision on the route of Métro Nord. The choice has finally been made in favour of the variant via Liedts, Collignon, Waelhem, Riga, Tilleul, Paix and Bordet, on the proposal of the Brussels Minister for Transport and the Brussels Secretary of State for Mobility.

In December 2013, the Brussels Government decided to analyse two possible routes for Métro Nord (see opposite, left). It opted yesterday for Variant B, for two reasons:this route has the highest potential number of users and is the easiest to build. Studies have revealed that it would be technically difficult to construct a station at Helmet.

The Brussels Government has decided that Métro Nord will terminate at Bordet, but the possibility remains open of extending the line as far as Haren at a later stage.

The construction of the new metro tunnel will require a single tube to be drilled with a diameter of 9.8 metres. The technical analysis of the project and the preparation of the urban master plan will continue until the end of May 2014. 2015 and 2016 will be spent obtaining planning and environmental permission. The tendering process will then take place in 2017, enabling work to start in 2018.

The extension of the metro in the Schaerbeek and Evere direction (Métro Nord) is essential to meet the growing demand for public transport between the centre of Brussels and the north of the Region. The new metro line will start from the Gare du Nord and then join the STIB’s existing north-south link.