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Maison des journalistes: from Europe to the Canal

 - ©AJP/Nancy Liénard

2013-03-06 – The new "Maison des Journalistes" (Journalist House) at 21 rue de la Senne in Brussels will be officially opened on 21 March. The General Association of Professional Journalists of Belgium (AGJPB), the French-speaking Association des journalistes professionnels (AJP), the Dutch-speakingVlaamse Vereniging van Journalisten (VVJ) and the Journalists’ Copyright Society (SAJ-JAM) have chosen as their home an Art Deco building from 1920 not far from the Canal, which was probably originally a brewery and was later used as the premises for a company that maintained industrial machinery.

This new location in the central valley of Brussels represents a minor revolution for the professional journalists’ associations, which have been historically based in the European district, and specifically at the International Press Centre (IPC) housed in the Résidence Palace.

The four floors and 1,250 square metres of space at 21 rue de la Senne have been completely renovated and fitted out. They include an adjustable 85-seats auditorium and several meeting rooms. In architectural terms, a decision was made in favour of a renovation that maintains the industrial character of the premises, combined with contemporary fittings and materials.