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Mididistrict: team appointed to devise an urban plan

 - ©ADT-ATO (C.P.)

2013-10-02 – This morning, the Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region had a first, highly constructive exchange of views with the winning team appointed to devise the Mididistric Master Plan. This appointment follows an international consultation process jointly launched by the Minister-President, the Minister for Public Works and the Secretary of State for Mobility(*).

The chosen candidate’s task will be to devise a Master Plan for the Mididistrict addressing both urban development and transport issues. It will work with all stakeholders in the district, including the Belgian National Railway Company (SNCB-NMBS), in order to come up with a shared plan. The aim is to create the conditions for the development of a truly multifunctional district, to consolidate the tertiary sector and to improve mobility in the Gare du Midi railway station area. Improving intermodality will be a particular focus, as the Gare du Midi represents an important entry point into the capital. The successful candidate will also need to support the development of projects in the district over the next ten years, and so help boost its identity and vitality.

The selected multidisciplinary team is steered by Djamel Klouche from l’AUC/AUC AS, with NFA (urban development and architecture). It also includes l’AUC as (architecture), Bureau Bas Smets (landscape architecture), EGIS (transport), EGIS Conseil (urban planning and property expertise), Transsolar (sustainable development), BG (stability engineering, building services), 8-18 (light design) and Encore (graphic design, urban signage).

This project is based on the common desire of the Minister-President, the Minister for Public Works and the Secretary of State for Mobility to rethink the railway station district as it connects with neighbouring districts, to calm traffic there in order to make pedestrians the priority users and to underpin the major real estate projects developed in the district by both the SNCB-NMBS and Atenor.

“This project involves redesigning a district by reinforcing the role of the Gare du Midi as an international hub and entry point for the capital,” stated the Minister-President, while also developing a welcoming mixed district  for the benefit of local people and travellers alike! My aim is to bring together public- and private-sector stakeholders around an ambitious, shared project for the greater good of Brusselsand its people.”

“The plans for the redevelopment of the Mididistrict pay particular attention to the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users,”added the Minister for Public Works and Transport. These decisions will enable the entire district around the Gare du Midi to project an international image for Brussels.”

In the view of the Secretary of State for Mobility, “The Mididistrict, which presents a challenge in terms of transport, is set to become an emblematic point of entry into Brussels, a pleasant place where public transport and  soft mobility take priority.”  

 (*) Responsibility for project management lies jointly with the Research and Planning Department of the Urban Planning and Housing Administration, the Strategy Department of Brussels Mobility and – acting as appointed project management representative – the Urban Development Agency (ADT-ATO).