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New rail stops in the Canal Territory

The Gare du Midi railway station - ©ADT-ATO/Reporters

2013-10-05 – An important step for mobility in Brussels has been taken within the framework of the consultation on the SNCB-NMBS multi-year investment plan for the period 2013-2025, the Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region has announced: the planned investments will be used to improve rail services in the Region, and in particular in the Canal Territory.

The SNCB-NMBS investment plan earmarks a budget of 450 million euros for purely regional projects. This amount will be invested in a number of projects all with the same ambitious goal of improving mobility and the quality of life in Brussels by upgrading the Brussels transport network.


  • new stops will be created, including several in the Canal Territory, to make the train more accessible to people in Brussels and reinforce intermodal links with the STIB network: Erasme, Ceria, Cureghem, Verboekhoven, Ganshoren Expo and Josaphat.
  • existing stops will be improved and connections with the STIB network will be boosted to ensure smoother journeys throughout the Region.
  • investments will be made in the Gare du Midi railway station to reflect its status as the country’s largest station and the international gateway to the European capital. This budget will be in addition to the money that has already been put aside in the SNCB-NMBS investment plan.
  • money will be earmarked for clearing the Schaerbeek-Formation site, the future of which was recently mapped out by the Region, with an emphasis on developing housing and businesses.

In addition to these plans, around 460 million euros will be invested in upgrading the North-South route through the Region (the Nord-Midi link and lines 26, 28 and 161).