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Port Sud – Press conference

Port Sud

The former Moulins d’Anderlecht are to be completely renovated. The building will be turned into a reception centre for SMEs (with 3,000m² of floor space) and a Visitor Centre (with 1,000m² of floor space).

The renovation of this former mill, which is located midway between the Biestebroeck dock at Anderlecht and Molenbeek lock and was closed in the 60s, will enhance the attractiveness of the Canal area. The SME reception centre will accommodate between 10 and 15 medium-sized businesses.

The Visitor Centre will consist of an area for recreated scenes, exhibitions and workshops which will be used to showcase the potential of the Canal and the districts it passes through. The initiative is being managed by a broad partnership between the SDRB-GOMB, the Port of Brussels, the ABATAN abattoirs, the STIB-MIVB, the Euclides Centre and the Municipality of Anderlecht, the sponsor of this ERDF project.