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SDRB-GOMB becomes

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2013-10-16 – The Brussels Ministers responsible for Urban Regeneration and for Employment and the Economy today officially signed the first management contract of, as the Brussels Regional Development Agency (SDRB-GOMB) has been renamed, together with its chairman and its managing director.

SDRB-GOMB, which turns 40 next year, has become and acquired a new logo. In the management contract, and the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region have formalised the general framework of their relations and defined their respective obligations for a period of five years (2013-2017).

Explicitly defined missions

SDRB-GOMB’s two fundamental historical missions are both defined by the management contract. Economic Expansion is about making land or buildings available to companies in order to promote the region’s economic development, while Urban Regeneration is about producing affordable housing.

In addition, has now officially been given a third mission: mixed development project management. In this role, as a regional operator it will carry out complex projects combining the creation of a range of housing, premises for businesses and shops, basic infrastructure (roads, sewers, etc.), public spaces, community facilities and anything with the potential to repair the fabric of or bring new dynamism to a city or a district.

200 dwellings per year, an autonomous public body created in 1974, is the major property operator in the Brussels-Capital Region, and is particularly active in the Canal Area. It manages a total of nearly 200 hectares across 45 sites, occupied by more than 300 companies and representing over 23,000 jobs. Since 1988, it has also offered citizens on middle incomes the possibility to live in the Region by making new homes available to them at reduced prices, thanks to a 30% subsidy.More than 3,500 new dwellings have been sold.

In connection with its management contract, will put more than 600 new dwellings on the market by 2015.

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