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STIB’s heart on display at Botanique

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2013-09-13 – While using public transport, STIB’s passengers encounter drivers, safety officers and inspectors. They are not always aware that there are around 300 different categories of worker at STIB, including engineers, IT experts, electricians and welders, as well as dog-handlers and indeed lawyers and dispatchers. All help thousands of passengers to make their journeys every day in Brussels.

To put its multiple talents in the spotlight, STIB has organised a photography exhibition entitled “At the heart of STIB”, which reveals the company’s wealth through 20 portraits of unknown professions. The exhibition runs from 14 September to 14 November at the Botanique metro station (lines 2 and 6). Entry is free of charge.

The faces of these 20 ambassadors of the company will also be visible on the sides of 200 vehicles and on 100 posters displayed in metro stations.

STIB’s website also features a virtual exhibition,in which visitors can watch video reports which will tell them more about some public transport professions and – who knows? – perhaps encourage them to apply for a job at STIB.

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