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Work starts on DOCKS Bruxsel

 - ©Equilis

2014-05-08 – The construction of DOCKS Bruxsel shopping centre (formerly Just Under The Sky, with space for shops, businesses, leisure, culture, activities and events) entered a new phase on Thursday. The project is located on the banks of the Canal, just a stone’s throw from the Royal Park and the Van Praet Bridge.

Demolition and decontamination work at the site has been completed, making it possible to start the foundations. The necessary earthworks and the construction work proper will take place from July 2014 to March 2015, and the finishing work on the buildings that will house the 56,000m² is scheduled for March 2015 to March 2016. Docks Bruxsel should therefore be ready by spring 2016.

According to Equilis, Docks Bruxsel’s designer, 42 brands have already signed a lease or letter of intent in just over six months. Moreover, an agreement has just been signed with Belga Films, which will develop a cinema complex with more than 1,000 seats in seven auditoriums.