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Café de la Rue in Molenbeek: good food and live music!

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2013-09-09 – As Tom Goldschmidt[1] humorously explains on his website, Café de la Rue is an authentic 1930s café in lower Molenbeek, near the Canal (…) Excellent dinner theatre evenings have been organised there since 1981, featuring the likes of Claude Semal, Bruno Coppens, Jacques-Ivan Duchesne, Pierrette Laffineuse, Jean-François Maljean, Véronique Castanyer, Allain Leprest, Gilles Servat, Goun and Marc Lelangue... Marie-Noëlle, who understands human nature, puts the name of the dish of the day in the programme in letters as large as those for the name of the performer. I’m pleased to say that I dropped in for the second half of “Navarin d'Agneau”... The venue is delightful, with its old stove and wooden board on which the scores of Daring and Union Saint-Gilloise used to be displayed.’

Classy programming and cuisine

Café de la Rue is located in the Canal Area and is one of the oldest theatre-cafés in the Brussels Region. It is also one of the few genuine ones, together with L’Os à Moëlle in Schaerbeek and La Soupape in Ixelles.

Marie-Noëlle Doutreluingne, the owner, is therefore amazed when she comes across someone who is unaware of the existence of this charming cultural venue, especially given the quality of its programming and the excellent reputation of its food...

Performances are usually preceded by a meal featuring a choice of dishes at affordable prices. For example, dinner and a concert cost €20 on 14 September (students and job-seekers: €14), while the concert on its own costs €12 (students and job-seekers: €6).

Urban and activist roots

‘Until the end of 2008,’explains Tom Goldschmidt, ‘Café de La Rue was one of the activities of the La Rue association, a movement for continuing education and local development which works with local people and companies to regenerate troubled districts, by redeveloping public spaces, organising local festivals, children’s activities, training courses, literacy classes and so on. In January 2009, Café de La Rue was set up as an independent non-profit organisation, in order to develop the cultural side of its activities more fully.’

This season’s programme includes Rhonny Ventat (funky jazz band), Novecento pianiste (drama), Orion (Celtic music), guitarist Marc Lelangue with Patrick Hannack on harmonica and Gilles Servat (Breton songs).

Café de la Rue is also an original venue for functions and receptions.

Contact and reservations:

Café de La Rue - 30 rue de la Colonne - 1080 Brussels  
0473/505.875 -

More information and programme: -

[1] Former radio and television journalist (RTBF), musician and writer-composer.