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Within the dedicated team appointed by the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, the Urban Development Corporation (SAU) is responsible for the operational implementation of the Canal Plan.

The Plan’s operational zone being one of the SAU’s intervention zones in which it has a degree of control over real estate, the SAU plays both a coordinatory role and, in some cases, an operational role there.

Specifically, the SAU coordinates public and private projects, acting as project manager and as a ‘single point of entry’ to the authorities, in an approach of co-construction and support with and for project owners.

In some cases, it can initiate and implement projects itself, if necessary through the acquisition of real estate (e.g. Citroën-Yser). The SAU can assume a project management role for public projects relating to infrastructure for example. It does so on the basis of the subsidiarity principle – in other words, if its involvement appears to add value compared with the involvement of other public operators.