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European school in Laeken

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2012-09-04 – The Brussels Region’s fourth European school opened in Laeken this Tuesday. It was built by the Belgian Buildings Agency on the site of the former Cadet School at 86 Drève Sainte-Anne, Laeken, between the canal and the Heysel stadium.

Designed for 2,500 children at nursery, primary and secondary level divided into five language sections (French, Dutch, English, German and Italian), the school is a response to growing needs due to demographic growth and the accession of ten new member states to the European Union.

The Cadet School was originally, in the late 19th century, a monumental military complex in the Flemish Renaissance style. After the Second World War, the barracks provided accommodation for various military training establishments.

The most important buildings from the historical and architectural viewpoint have been renovated. More recent buildings which lacked any particular architectural value have been demolished and replaced by new, distinctly contemporary structures (pictures).

The buildings have a total floor space of 52,000 m², and the projected budget for the school’s construction is 88 million euros.

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