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New leisure park at Quai des Matériaux and Quai Béco: development work begins

An aerial view of the site where the new park will be developed.  - ©Reporters

2022.09.07 - Development work on the new leisure park at Quai Béco and Quai des Matériaux has begun, according to an announcement by Beliris, the specialist federal civil engineering agency for Brussels, and Brussels Environment. This new 2.8-hectare space – the size of about three football pitches – will be used for relaxation, sports, games and urban leisure. The park will be developed on the left bank of the Canal, between Place Sainctelette and Pont des Armateurs, and should be opened in 2024.

The park will start at Sainctelette with two sports fields. A community entertainment room, a snack bar and public toilets will also be built in the former Ackermans warehouse. The park will then continue with a huge garden, including benches, tables and a sandbox. A little further on, under the new Suzan Daniel footbridge, a skatepark will delight scooter, rollerblade and skateboard enthusiasts and will be the setting for various activities. Opposite Tour & Taxis, a large green flanked by a wooden terrace will be an ideal spot to enjoy the sunshine, play frisbee and engage in other outdoor activities. An amply proportioned, tree-lined promenade along the Canal will lead to the park’s various recreation areas.

Brussels Regional Minister-President Rudi Vervoort: ‘With this new park, our region will gain 28,000 m² of green space in a densely inhabited part of the city that lacks public spaces. The park will be used for relaxation, sports, games and leisure by young and old alike. It will also form a link between the city centre and the Canal Area, enabling visitors to Brussels to discover this lesser-known part of the city.’

Bringing back natural spaces

This new green space will thus complement the existing leisure and green areas in a densely populated part of the city. With 126 trees being planted (and just 6 cut down), the new park will offer a breath of fresh air to Brussels residents and visitors. It will also connect the Line 28 Park at Tour & Taxis with Maximilien Park. All of this is good news for biodiversity. With this new space, the Brussels Region thus acquires an important new link in the network of regional parks. Parks and forests represent some 20% of the area of ​​the Brussels Region, making it one of the greenest capitals in the world.

Alain Maron, Brussels Minister for the Environment, welcomed the new space: ‘I’m delighted that this park is taking shape, because bringing back spaces for nature, fresh air and relaxation in the central districts of Brussels is one of my priorities.This is essential to make them more pleasant places to live in. Here, 10,000 m² of land previously under hard surfacing will be planted, which will be a big help in allowing rainwater to flow away and in reducing heat levels. Thanks to this new park, (…) the Maritime district will be greener and more resilient to climate change.’

A project that listens to the people of Brussels

A consultation process was carried out by Beliris and Brussels Environment in order to identify the local community’s needs and respond to them as broadly as possible. The temporary occupation of the site in recent years has also led to collaboration with local residents, civil society organisations and collectives.

The work, with an estimated total cost of 14.8 million euros, will last around two yearsand will be carried out by Deckx. The work between Sainctelette and Pont Suzan Daniel is scheduled for the first year. It will then be the turn of the section between Pont Suzan Daniel and Pont des Armateurs.

Clara Schöningh