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250 bottles + 153 CDs + 40 videotapes + 1 chandelier = an urban fresco!

 - ©Municipality of Molenbeek – M. Lezzi

2012-10-03 – A completely new public artwork was unveiled in Molenbeek on Sunday. Entitled Clean my street!the spectacular 3D fresco is located at 122 Rue Heyvaert.

This wall has been chosen because it lies at the heart of the Heyvaert district, which regularly suffers from fly-tipping. The image of the fresco derives from a general anti-litter campaign. In spring 2012, a street cleaning operation was organised with the help of the residents and users of this street, of the Litter Unit of the Municipality of Molenbeek and of the children of the Mini Neighbourhood Contract for Ecluse St-Lazare. Following this action, several creative workshops were held for adults and children. The illustration is inspired by these workshops and represents the local area's social mix. The fresco is painted, and is made of recycled waste: 250 bottles, 153 CDs, 40 videotapes and 1 chandelier, all found in the street. And it lights up at night, because it is also has solar cells in it.

The work was created under the leadership of the non-profit association Costik asbl ( and with the involvement of the artists Solo Cink en Ognev Vlaminck.