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3rd -15th Dec exhibition: "It’s better here"

It's better here, the exhibition of faixas - ©© KYD + Damiano Nigro August 2011 Liguria - Italy

On Friday, December 2nd opening of the exhibition "It's better here." One hundred original faixas (the cloth banners lettered by hand) and a selection of images of the Belgian-Brazilian project "it is better here" will be the subject of this exhibition, open from December 3rd to 15th at the National Theatre as part of Europalia-Brasil.

The graphic design studio Kidnap Your Designer (Brussels) wants to show the savoir-faire of a painter of faixas, banners very popular in Brazil. The fact that the same message "It's better here" written in different languages is placed in various locations around the world neutralize the popular idea that “Elsewhere is always better."

In conjunction with this exhibition, Recyclart  asbl develops during November a workshop to take photos of inhabitants of the Ursulines and Marolles areas in their environment and sometimes also in a fantasy place. The selected photos will also be part of the exhibition at the National Theatre. On November 24th a special shooting is expected in Recyclart (rue des Ursulines, 25 -1000 Brussels)

Everyone is welcome!

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