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Brussels Fashion Days, first edition

Brussels Fashion Days, first edition

2010-09-29 - The inaugural edition of the Brussels Fashion Days will be held on 19, 20 and 21 October. Programmed in the wake of fashion weeks in autumn, the Brussels Fashion Days will feature a panorama of Belgian fashion on the 10,000 m² of the exhibition center The EGG (175 Barastreet in Anderlecht), thereby becoming the largest fashion happening in Belgium. Professionals, the press and the public will for the first time be afforded the opportunity to discover in Brussels certain collections presented only to the international press a few weeks before, in particular in Paris and Milan.

All fashion sectors will be present at this event. With four major shows, directed by Guillaume Joveneaux and featuring such names as Jean-Paul Knott, Elvis Pompilio, Sandrina Fasoli… In an exhibition space dedicated to this purpose, more than 50 renowned designers and young talents will show their work, among them Marc Philippe Coudeyre, Fabienne Delvigne, Mademoiselle Jean, Isabelle Lenfant, Niyona, OMSK, The Cookie Therapy…

Also on schedule: a fashion photography exhibition; the country’s best schools; modelling, make-up and hair styling (through permanent casting and a makeover workshop); a bookshop, uninterrupted projections of documentaries, shows, but also photo shoots.

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