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The Canal Area takes centre stage at Bruxelles-les-Bains

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2013-07-08 – Attention is being focused on the Canal Area in connection with Bruxelles-les-Bains, from 5 July to 11 August, as part of the huge operation to promote the central districts of Brusselsorganised by the Urban Development Agency (ADT-ATO).

At the entrance to the Bruxelles-les-Bains site near Place Sainctelette, two huge, brightly coloured maps affixed to the containers housing the exhibition “Brussels: Left Bank, Right Bank” (see opposite) present the sometimes little-known assets of this central portion of the capital (architectural heritage, cultural sites, tourist sites, sports facilities, etc.) as well as the public policies being used to renovate, improve and develop this huge area of strategic importance for the future of Brussels.

These imposing visuals resemble those which have been circulated by ADT-ATO since early June on posters, postcards and table sets under the title “Exercising, Breathing and Going Out” (see opposite). These highlight the green spaces, sporting and leisure facilities and summer events in the Canal Area, as part of a campaign which will feature various themes with the changing seasons.

The Canal Area is also symbolically present in one of the big new features of Bruxelles-les-Bains in 2013: the water sports learning area opened this Sunday. And, of course, on the actual vessels in this area.