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Cyclovia : two Sundays to cycling in the center

With Cyclovia, we can cycling safely in the center - ©EAS - ADT

For the first time in Belgium on Sunday 21 Augustus and 11 September you can go from Canal to Cinquantenaire safely by bicycle.

Cyclovia is a bicycle route or bikeway of 10 km. From 11 to 16pm, runners, skaters and bicyclists take over the streets. At the same time, animation will be set up along the route to make more fun during these days.

This initiative of the Brussels –Capital Region and the City of Brussels to promote cycling in the city has been a great success abroad. Since 1976 when it started in Bogota (Colombia), other cities like Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Sevilla, Melbourne or Paris have followed.

Bring your family or friends to enjoy Cyclovia !

Course map to download here