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Developing the Canal’s tourism potential

Developing the Canal’s tourism potential

The Urban Development Agency (ADT-ATO) and Visit Brussels are working to promote the tourist attractions of the Canal Area.


2015-04-08 – There are water sports, of course, but also theatres, museums, architectural treasures, hotels, a youth hostel, starred restaurants, festive events, trendy restaurants and bars, cycle paths and much else besides: the Canal Area is not short of features of interest to tourists.

For the past few years, the Urban Development Agency (ADT-ATO) has been developing a range of initiatives, presented on this website, to promote the varied potential of this strategic part of Brussels. These actions coincide this year with a determination by Visit Brussels to diversify the range of attractions on offer to visitors from Belgium and abroad, in order to entice them to discover new neighbourhoods and encourage them to return to Brussels. The two organisations have thus joined forces to promote the Canal Area.

For instance, Visit Brussels has just opened an ‘Around the docks’ section of its website, which covers a wide variety of subjects of interest to tourists, some of which overlap with those in the ’Unfamiliar Brussels’ section of Bru+.

And ADT-ATO, which already organised poster campaigns in 2013 and 2014 to promote the heritage, facilities, green and recreational spaces, cultural venues, starred restaurants, historic shops and so on in the central districts of Brussels, has just produced a video entitled By the Canal – A day on the move in the heart of Brussels, which can be seen here and on Vimeo or on the Visit Brussels website. This video will also be promoted to tourists via other channels in the coming months.

Finally, ADT-ATO is preparing in collaboration with a guide that describes routes for walkers and cyclists by the Canal and in the districts alongside it and reveals their main attractions.