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Exhibition: ‘The Senne Canal: an ecological corridor’

 - ©@Luc Auwaerts

2013-11-06 – Crabs, amphibians, birds and other creatures in unusual and sometimes amusing contexts – but also a great variety of plants and unexpected green spaces…

Such is the reality revealed by the exhibition ‘The Senne Canal: an ecological corridor in the heart of Brussels’, organised by Natagora Brussels, which runs until 30 November at the Halles Saint-Géry, 23 place Saint-Géry, 1000 Brussels.

The exhibition presents the winning pictures in the 2013 photography competition run by Natagora. The subject chosen for the competition was biodiversity in the Canal Area, in order to illustrate the project of its Canal Working Group, which aims to promote the little-known biodiversity of this part of Brussels.

The fast-changing Canal Area ‘remains an important component of the green and blue networks,’ stresses Natagora. The organisation also notes that the changes to the urban landscape currently in progress present ‘fine opportunities to create or maintain an environment of remarkable richness’, as ‘the area is already home to a surprising degree of biodiversity which is unique in the Brussels-Capital Region’.

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