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A new school for 1,200 pupils by the Canal

A new school for 1,200 pupils by the Canal

2016-03-03 – The results of the urban definition (feasibility) study for the construction of a new secondary school on the campus of CERIA (the Food Industry Training and Research Centre), by the Canal and next to the Ring in Anderlecht, were presented today.

The Minister-President of the French-speaking Government of Brussels responsible for Education and the City Tools/MDW Architecture consortium have said that this 10,000 m2 institution will have 1,200 pupils and will be located at the corner of the CERIA campus closest to the Canal and the Ring.

The first building, right by the Canal, will be used by 600 first- and second-year secondary pupils as well as including their sports hall. The second building will be for 600 pupils in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth years. A multipurpose sports hall and a library open to all campus users will be built between them. Budget: around 15 million euros.

A competition will be launched for the construction work, which should be completed by 2020.