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Railway carriages on the roof of a future hotel

 - ©Eurhostel S.A.

2013-10-26 – Sections of railway carriages were today positioned on the roof of a building in Rue Georges Rodenbach, near Schaerbeek railway station, in connection with the creation of a ‘fun and affordable’ railway-themed Train Hostel.

The hostel, currently under development, will incorporate sections of genuine railway sleeping cars on the first and third floors of an existing building. The project is benefiting from the presentational supervision of François Schuiten, who is already involved in the future Train World museum, under construction a short distance away. The furniture will also be specially designed with the theme of travel and modularity in mind. The idea is to immerse guests in an atmosphere of travel, discovery, trains and friendliness.

The hostel will have 36 rooms and four- to eight-bed compartments. The project incorporates three sections of railway sleeping car. The first, around 17m long and containing eight six-bed compartments, is already in place. Today saw the installation of a section of around 16m containing seven compartments and a section of around 6m overhanging the façade, which will contain a suite.

In total, Train Hostel will have some 200 beds available, at prices starting at €19 per person per night.

The investor hopes to reproduce the concept subsequently at other locations in Belgium and abroad.

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