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The Royal Sport Nautique de Bruxelles 1865 celebrates its 150th anniversary

 - ©Marcel Vanhulst

2015-07-08 – The oldest rowing club in the Brussels Region, the Royal Sport Nautique de Bruxelles 1865, celebrates its 150 anniversary this year: it was founded in August 1865.

As well as its activities on the Canal, the ‘Royal 1865’ offers other sports: behind its clubhouse it has a large indoor sports centre with facilities for tennis, basketball, badminton and table tennis (the Cappellemans Hall). Located at 170 Chaussée de Vilvorde, 1120 Brussels, in the north of the Region, on 1 May every year it organises a crossing of Brussels by waterway, passing through the locks, together with its counterpart in the south of the Region, Le Cercle des Régates de Bruxelles Kayak, which also offers kayaking.

The ‘Royal’ has consistently turned out champions at both national and international level, and some of its rowers have competed in the Olympics on several occasions. Originally based in the old port of Brussels (1865-1895), it moved to Allée Verte (1895-1911) before relocating to Chaussée de Vilvorde, where it is still based today.

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