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The Waterbus: a public transport service on the Canal

 - ©Brussels by Water

2015-05-29 – Since early May, the Waterbus has operated a service several times a week between Brussels-Sainctelette, Laeken-Pont Van Praet, Neder-over-Heembeek and Vilvoorde. One trip costs €1 to €3, and bikes are welcome on board.

The Waterbus will operate every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until 2 July 2015 and from 10 August to 31 October 2015, and every day (except Monday) from 3 July to 9 August 2015. The stops, which have connections to conventional public transport, allow users to embark and disembark near residential areas, park and ride facilities, shopping centres, recreational areas and office districts.

In a statement, Brussels by Water said that ‘like the Coast Tram, the Waterbus caters to business, private and recreational users and to tourists. It promotes cycling mobility and encourages a new form of pedestrian mobility by shortening distances. This is a pleasant form of transport that is punctual and congestion-free, enabling users to move around without stress or parking problems. It also offers an opportunity to discover the fast-changing Canal Area.  This is a developing project that will evolve in parallel with the Canal Area.

Stops and timetables: