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‘Liverpool’ enters the game by the Canal

 - ©AC Molenbeek

2015-05-11 – The exemplary ‘Liverpool’ building was officially opened on Monday in its Canalside location in Rue de Liverpool, at the corner with Quai de l’Industrie in Molenbeek. It contains 16 social apartments with one to five bedrooms, an office for the Port of Brussels, an out-of-school childcare facility (run by the organisation ‘De Verliefde Wolk’) and the local community centre WAQ with its soup bar and laundrette and a communal garden.

Designed by the firm of architects B612 Associates, the building, which meets passive environmental standards, is the result of collaboration between the Municipality of Molenbeek, Beliris (*) and the regional authorities, all of which were present at the opening ceremony. It falls within the scope of the Ecluse-Saint-Lazare neighbourhood contract.

(*) Cooperation Agreement between the Federal State and the Brussels-Capital Region, making provision for initiatives to promote Brussels’ international role and its function as a capital.