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‘MolenDance’: a new event for ‘Molenbeek, Capital of Culture 2014’

‘MolenDance’: a new event for ‘Molenbeek, Capital of Culture 2014’

2014-04-01 – Following the opening event, ‘MolenStart’, in January, ‘Molenbeek, Capital of Culture 2014’ invites everyone to dance throughout the month of April with ‘MolenDance’ in close collaboration with the Arts and Social Cohesion Centre and with backing from the Urban Development Agency among other bodies. From 5 to 27 April, young and old and amateurs and professionals alike will share moments of discovery, participation, and initiation in a variety of dance.

MolenDance will have four parts:

  • an opening evening with Radio Modern at Château du Karreveld(5April);
  • workshops and coursesat a variety of locations around Molenbeek (from 7 to 18 April);
  • shows(several dates);
  • a free large-scale dance trail in Molenbeek’s historical centre (19 April).

A danced procession used to be held in Molenbeek back in the sixteenth century, as engravings by Hondius from 1642 after Breughel testify. These show rapturous pilgrims performing spontaneous moves. Pilgrims who ‘danced’ in this way were said to receive healing for a year. Today, Molenbeek’s relationship with dance is more passionate than ever. From the former sugar refinery, which was converted into an arts venue by Frédéric Flamand in the 1970s and is today the Brussels branch of Charleroi Danses, to Bud Blumenthal’s studios and those of Wim Vandekeybus, Molenbeek is home to numerous companies, associations and schools.

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