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2,000 dwellings on the Schaerbeek Formation site

 - ©ADT-ATO/De Kinder

2013-06-13 – The Government of the Brussels-Capital Region today approved the master plan for leverage zone 11, Schaerbeek-Formation, at its first reading.

It will be recalled that the Government had agreed during the Ostend accords to the adoption of this master plan without a stadium, with a view to the establishment of a high-performance multimodal logistics platform in the north of the zone and the development of a mixed urban project consisting of housing and businesses in the south of the zone on the MABRU site.

The immediate proximity to the Canal, the national rail network, the Brussels Ring and Brussels Airport give this site a strategic position that is ideal for the creation of a new and effective multimodal hub. This in turn will enable activities and goods flows to be extensively reconfigured by bringing together logistical, port and industrial activities and relocating the MABRU/CEFL morning markets.

The relocation within the logistics hub of these morning markets, which are currently based in the south of the zone, will free up land for the creation of a new mixed district with at least 2,000 dwellings, benefiting from an ideal situation opposite the Parc Royal and next to the Canal. 50% of these dwellings will be public housing

The next steps will be definitive approval of the master plan by the Government, after the Regional Development Committee has given its formal opinion, and the continuation of discussions with the Federal Government with a view to bringing the Schaerbeek-Passengers RER railway station into service and clearing land in accordance with the Royal Decree of 2004.