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Archaeological finds from the Roman era at the Tour & Taxis site

Former branch of the Senne - ©SPRB-GOB

2015-08-06 – During work on the ‘Le Méandre’ construction project, a major archaeological discovery has been made at the Tour & Taxis site

Among other finds, remnants of a wooden structure have been unearthed, situated on a hitherto unknown former branch of the Senne. From items found, this structure can be dated to the Roman period (second to third century).

This is a discovery of great importance for the history of the Brussels Region. Apart from a few isolated finds (coins, building materials and pottery), we only know of a few farmhouse villas dating from the same period in the Region’s territory, including at Anderlecht, Jette and Laeken. Thanks to this discovery, a new chapter in the Roman history of the Region can be written.

Under Article 246 of the Brussels Spatial Planning Code, which governs archaeological finds,an archaeological team from the Directorate of Monuments and Historic Sites of the Brussels Regional Public Service has been sent to the site to record the remains before their disappearance. This is being arranged in collaboration with the developer in order to minimise the delay to the earthworks required for the project.

To allow the foundation work for the new construction to continue, the archaeological investigations will end on Friday 14 August 2015.