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Coming soon near the Canal: Parc de la Senne

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2013-10-01 – Planning permission for the future Parc de la Senne should be granted soon, the Brussels Minister for the Environment and Urban Regeneration has indicated. During a visit to the site in connection with the Masui and Reine-Progrès Sustainable District Contracts, she specified that the work will begin in early 2014, with a budget of 7 million euros.

The Parc de la Senne will be located in the heart of the city, between the Canal, Rue des Palais and the Gare du Nord railway station, on the boundary between the municipalities of City of Brussels and Schaerbeek. The purpose of the project, which will be steered by Brussels Environment, is to develop a green route for pedestrians and cyclists in this highly urbanised central district: it will cross a plot of land in the Masui district, following the line of the old bed of the Senne, the now subterranean and culverted river which crosses the entire Brussels Region from south to north.

The currently unused space, measuring 10,000 m², will feature heavily planted areas in inhabited places, sports areas and playgrounds where there are blind walls, relaxation areas, play and leisure spaces and vegetable gardens. Plantings of small trees are also planned.

The entire project has been devised in collaboration with local people and the users of the Youth Centre, in order to give it a social, participative and community-based character.

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