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First section of the great Tour & Taxis urban park


2013-10-21 –  A first section of the great urban park is currently being developed between the Belgica and Pannenhuis metro stations (shown in red on the map), joining the public garden opened in September 2011 by the municipality of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean at the intersection of Avenue Jean Dubrucq and line L28A.

A second section (marked in orange), to the west of Pont du Jubilé, will be added to the first. The preparatory work, under the management of Brussels Environment, take place in October.

These two sections are scheduled to be opened to the public by the spring, and will host 2014’s Parkdesign event.

Finally, under the Bockstael district contract, the City of Brussels is commencing the preliminary studies for the development of the Pannenhuis – Bockstael section (marked in yellow).

The other sections of the future regional park are also marked for information purposes (in bright green).

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