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Inauguration of a participative fresco in Molenbeek

 - ©AC Molenbeek

2013-07-02 – Based on drawings by local people, schools and associations, artists have created ten mental maps of the district in the form of mosaics. Each measuring 1.70m by 2.30m, the ten panels in this participative fresco were unveiled today by the Board of Aldermen of Molenbeek, the Sarendip collective and some of those involved in the project, in partnership with the Génération Europe youth hostel on its exterior wall at 4, rue de l’Eléphant.

One of the goals of the work is to show passers-by the strengths of the historic centre – in terms of urban planning, social characteristics and culture – of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean. Born from the call for projects addressed to artists in 2012 by the Municipality of Molenbeek in connection with the Cinéma Belle-Vue District Contract, this initiative represents part of the efforts to regenerate the district and put its architectural and human heritage in the spotlight. The introduction of this colourful series of visual images featuring positive messages and partly created by the inhabitants themselves has added a touch of freshness and brightened up a busy street.

This project is also interwoven into the district in a more general manner. Every detail has been carefully considered to ensure that it really comes from the Cinéma Belle-Vue district and to bring out its full worth. Discussion with local people about their way of life in the district, the collection of ceramics, training in mosaic technique, the purchase of materials in the shops of Molenbeek, the participation of local people in the creation of the artwork and the involvement of a Molenbeek company in the repair of the wall before the installation of the work were all elements in the local approach taken to the project.

The choice of a mosaic was also the product of reflection about the artwork’s environmental impact. Thanks to the reuse of old faience tiles, a truly sustainable technique has been employed.