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Landscape and Urban Development Quality Plan for the Canal Area

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2019.03.22 - A Landscape and Urban Development Quality Plan (Beeldkwaliteitsplan - BKP) has been made available to stakeholders in the public space of the Canal Area by

The BKP meets two regional objectives:

  • to increase the cohesion of the Canal Area, reinforce its identity and ensure high quality standards in public and open spaces;
  • to bring about closer territorial and social relations between the different districts which are currently fractured by the Canal infrastructure.


A guide for all open space projects

The BKP embodies a level of ambition shared by the various partners involved, making it an essential reference tool and guide for any open space project in the Canal Area.

The BKP represents a strategic framework for different project owners and designers. Its vision is shaped by different ambitions by theme and sub-zone, translated in each case into recommendations.

The aim is that each actor involved in the creation of the BKP will adopt the tools it provides and use them as soon as ideas start to be formed about a given site or sites. The BKP thus sets the framework for the future of the entire Canal Area.

Procurement centre

To ensure optimal alignment of plans, studies and projects with the vision and ambitions of the BKP and to set positive processes in motion for the transformation of the Canal Area and the monitoring and updating of the BKP, has set up a procurement centre and a monitoring committee.

Through the procurement centre, all public space stakeholders will be able to seek assistance from the service provider behind the BKP.

The BKP was developed under the direction of by a consortium consisting of the design agencies Org Squared and Bureau Bas Smets, in collaboration with the city's stakeholders – various public institutions at different levels.It was approved on 21 March 2019 by the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region.

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