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Meeting of resilient Cities at Tour et Taxis

Meeting of resilient Cities at Tour et Taxis

2014-12-10 – The conference “Resilient Cities: Novel tools for local authorities is hosted by Brussels Environment in cooperation with EBN, the European Business and Innovation Centre Network at the brand new offices of Brussels Environment at Tour et Taxis in Brussels (Belgium) on 13th of January 2015.  The TURASinitiative (Transitioning Towards Urban Resilience And Sustainability) is coordinated by UCD- University College Dublin and funded by the European Commission.

More than 50% of the world's population now live in urban areas with this figure set to rise to 70% by 2050. Coupled with the impact of climate change, this period of unprecedented urban growth is creating enormous environmental challenges for European cities. From the loss of urban biodiversity leading to increased flood risk to the ever-increasing demands of the city on surrounding rural areas, the challenges are many and daunting.

In response to this situation, over the last three years local authorities from 10 European cities have been working closely with researchers and business partners to come up with novel tools and innovative approaches to help European cities help themselves to build resilience from the inside out. At the “Resilient Cities: Novel tools for local authorities” event, local authorities from Dublin, Stuttgart, London, Rome, Brussels, Sofia and Rotterdam will showcase for the first time some of the outcomes from this collaboration and will explore with you the potential to share their experience and outcomes in other interested cities.

Registration open till 23rd of December 2014 here