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New port-based urban integration projects unveiled at Canal Days 2014

Project for installation of an artwork by Philippe Van Snick on the front of the TIR centre, facing the Avenue du Port.

2013-04-29 – An artwork at the TIR centre, the redevelopment of the left bank at Chaussée de Vilvorde and the creation of green spaces at Vergote Dock: just a few of the elements of the Port of Brussels urban integration programme for the period 2014-2023. This afternoon, the Brussels Minister for the Port of Brussels and the Chairman of the Port of Brussels presented these new projects during the conference ‘Canal Days 2014 - Urban areas in transformation in Brussels and Europe’, organised by the Urban Development Agency of the Brussels-Capital Region (ADT-ATO).

The Portof Brusselsis located in the heart of the capital. With the support of the Brussels-Capital Region, it wishes to take full advantage of its position, which is why urban integration is an important mission for the Port. The new management contract required the Portof Brusselsto draft a new ten-year plan for the continued regeneration of the port area in the city.

The Board of Directors of the Port of Brussels has recently approved these urban integration projects for the period 2014-2023. They will be funded through the annual budget allocated to the Portof Brusselsby the Brussels-Capital Region. Specifically, the projects are as follows.

  • Businesses in the port area will now be encouraged to implement an industrial design policy. With financial support from the Portof Brussels, companies can renovate historic or remarkable buildings and monuments along the Canal. The Port of Brussels will therefore launch an annual call for proposals to all businesses in the Port for the rehabilitation of their sites. The initiatives will range from refurbishing premises to installing works of art on companies’ land, and will also include the integration of green spaces and additional public access to the Canal or to the new artworks.
  • Urban integration through art. The installation of an artwork by Philippe Van Snick on the front of the TIR centre, facing the Avenue du Port. The work, which has been selected by the Regional Arts Committee chaired by the Chief Architect of Brussels, will help the façade of the TIR centre to blend into the surroundings. The preliminary survey has been completed and work will begin this year. The project will cost 680,000 euros.
  • The landscaping of the left bank at Chaussée de Vilvorde. The objective is to restructure the bank with new plantings and street furniture. A cycle path and pavement will also be provided, connecting the Smet Crane to the Brussels Cruise Terminal. The aim is to apply for planning permission in 2016 with a view to starting work in 2017. The project cost is 300,000 euros.
  • The greening of the Vergote turning dock. This space, which is partly public, will be redeveloped as a green space. Work will begin in 2015, and the cost of the project will be 50,000 euros.