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The Canal Plan initiated by the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region is a response to the following objectives:

  • to keep economic activity in the city, and to bring people’s workplaces and homes closer together;
  • to create housing that meets the needs associated with population growth and is suited to the means of all household profiles;
  • to create pleasant, unifying public spaces, promoting the Canal axis, the reopening of the Senne and the Canal crossings as links between neighbourhoods;
  • to create the conditions for a city that is open (to different functions, to different populations, etc.) in an area characterised as one that receives the new populations of the Brussels Region.


Achieving these objectives involves:

  • creating and promoting functional diversity by working on urban forms and programmes to ensure compatibility of functions;
  • rationalising land occupancy and looking for ways to use it intensively;
  • using public spaces as the basis for shaping the city.