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Project-based urban planning

The Canal Plan proposes co-construction of projects between public and private actors in order to ensure:

  • adherence to the principles set out by the public authorities;
  • the feasibility of projects.


Each project owner receives support and guidance, from the definition of the project through to its implementation.

The Region and the municipalities concerned engage in dialogue to define and defend the main general planning, urban development and landscape principles which the project must reflect.

The project is put together through a process of frequent contact and reconsideration in order to arrive at a shared view.


An evolving guideline plan

The vision across the territory as a whole is formed on the basis of negotiated projects. Each of these contributes to, raises questions about and enriches the overall vision of the Canal Plan. The vision itself is constantly evolving, although it relates to the same general ambitions at all times.


Concentrated resources

To implement the Canal Plan, the Brussels-Capital Region is committed to:

  • concentrating resources on the Canal Area;
  • time-limited action over a period of ten years;
  • a dedicated project team.


The Regional Estate

The concentration of resources is illustrated through the decision to take action within a limited operational zone (700 hectares), consisting largely of publicly owned land (300 hectares: the ‘Regional Estate’), on which both private and public projects are to be initiated on a privileged basis.