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A priority project of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region

The Canal Plan is a project of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, implemented under the supervision of the Minister-President.

The Canal Area has been defined as a priority in terms of regional planning policy in the Regional Policy Declaration for the 2014-2019 legislative term.


A dedicated team

The project’s implementation relies on a dedicated team consisting of:

  • the Chief Architect of the Brussels-Capital Region, who acts as guarantor of the overall vision of the Canal Plan and plays an advisory role to ensure a high level of architectural and urban quality;
  • a Research by Design team steered by the Chief Architect, which converts the Canal Plan’s ambitions into designs and contributes to the development of the project plans;
  •, the Brussels Planning Bureau, in charge of planning, elaboration and the monitoring of the regulatory framework;
  • a Canal Plan team at, in charge of assessing all applications for regional permits in the Canal Plan zone; this team’s involvement begins prior to the submission of applications and continues until the issue of urban planning permission;
  • a team of project leaders at the Urban Development Corporation (SAU). The SAU is responsible for the operational implementation of the Canal Plan. As the latter’s operational zone is one of the SAU’s intervention zones within which it has limited control over land, it plays both a coordinatory role and, in some cases, an operational role there.


A project developed with the municipalities concerned

The Canal Plan is a collective project. The municipalities and all regional services concerned are involved in the definition of all projects.