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22 candidates for the Midi district

 - ©ADT-ATO/Reporters/Eric Herchaft

2013-03-20 – The Urban Development Agency for the Brussels-Capital Region (ADT-ATO) has received 22 responses to a public call for competitive tenders under a negotiated procedure with the European publication of a contract notice for the recruitment of a project management team responsible for drawing up a master plan for the Midi district. The call was launched in early February at the request of the Regional Government[1].

After analysis of the submissions, three to five candidates will be invited to submit a detailed tender. The party to whom the public contract is awarded will be selected from among these. It will then have six months to devise the master plan, which should therefore be presented in early 2014. After this, it will be tasked with providing long-term support for public and private projects in the district.

The master plan will need to be defined on the basis of the main themes and issues defined in the guidance note issued in 2012 by the ADT-ATO at the request of the Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region. The Region wishes to inspire renewed ambition for this territory of nearly 150 hectaresby carrying out an urban development project around the Gare du Midi railway station. The idea is that there should be concerted public intervention and that the actions of public and private actors should be overseen with the following goals:

  • to reinforce the area’s status and image as an international entry point;
  • to reinforce the employment centre around the railway station by working within an overall urban strategy that combines a social mix with a mix of functions;
  • to take advantage of the excellent public transport provision to work towards exemplary urban development in terms of mobility, taking account of the regional objectives in this respect;
  • to improve the functioning of the intermodal centre;
  • to improve the quality of the public spaces, and in particular their capacity to create links with neighbouring districts, including the City Centre.

For more information:égiques/quartier-midi.

[1]The call was issued at the request of the Regional Government by the joint project management team consisting of the ADT-ATO (as the Government’s representative), the Research and Planning Division of the Territorial Development and Housing Administration and the Strategy Division of Brussels Mobility.