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Canal video on Belgium’s largest digital screen

 - ©SAF-MVV (P.Sa.)

2016-01-07 – The video produced by the Urban Development Agency to promote tourism in the Canal Area, which can be viewed next to this article, has been selected in the competition launched in September by Clear Channel for the launch in January of I-conic, the largest digital screen in Belgium. 

Covering an area of some 140m² in 16:9 format, the giant screen will be set up in the centre of Brussels, at the start of Boulevard Anspach, just a short distance from Place de Brouckère, from where it will be visible.

Selected by a panel of professionals to be broadcast in this outdoor setting, the video ‘By the Canal - A day on the move in the heart of Brussels’ had already attracted notice in the United States, where it was listed among the ‘Best Travel Ads This Week’ on US reference site SKIFT in October. Since then, it has also featured on two specialised platforms in France: Vidéos Tourisme & Voyage and Film touristique

This video is one of a series of initiatives by ADT-ATO, including several in partnership with Visit Brussels, to boost the tourism potential of the districts by the Canal.

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