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CTA – Childcare and nursing

 - ©ADT-ATO/Reporters (Eric Herchaft)

The idea behind the opening (15 April 2013) of a CTA (Centre for Advanced Technology) in the childcare and nursing sector, managed by the non-profit organisation Collège La Fraternité ASBL, in Brussels, is to address the manpower shortage in the healthcare sector.

Two types of facility have been fitted out: a mini-hospital on the ground floor and a crèche upstairs. With the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment in these sectors (including interactive dummies, computer equipment and crèche equipment), this makes it possible to provide adapted training to students and job-seekers as well as continuing professional training.

The Collège La Fraternité evaluates the CTA’s potential at 1,600 person-days of training per year when it is operating at full capacity (school year 2013-2014). Around 800 people will be trained per year, 25% of whom will be workers and job-seekers.

All the education networks and training providers are partners of the CTA for childcare and nursing. The project also takes account of the need for internships for those who have received training and for employment opportunities. In addition, it plans to work in partnership with private-sector crèches and hospitals.