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CTA – Green and renewable energies

 - ©ADT-ATO/Reporters (Eric Herchaft)

The creation in 2011 of a CTA (Centre for Advanced Technology) in the green and renewable energies sector aims to provide training for technicians specialising in the use, installation and maintenance of ultramodern equipment using green, renewable and even recoverable energies.

The project, which was officially opened in the Gare du Midi district on 30 November 2011, involved the fitting out of ten specific rooms and the acquisition of sophisticated equipment. The focus is on the application of the new technologies for energy recovery and sharing within homes.

The CTA complements less specialised basic training courses for workers, technicians and engineers, as well as for job-seekers and those actually in work.

Real-life situations are recreated for practice purposes, to make it easier for students to find a company internship or gain a job directly. Each room can accommodate 12 people for training in electricity, thermal science, refrigeration, electricity for heating systems, gas boilers, renewable energies and oil boilers, six days per week.

The project manager, the Institut Notre-Dame ASBL, evaluates the CTA’s potential at 1,080 person-days of training per year, which represents training for 360 people per year. 25% of the training provision in this project jointly funded by the French Community of Belgium and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) will be reserved for workers and job-seekers.