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Go-ahead given for Evere-Forest metro plans

Go-ahead given for Evere-Forest metro plans

2015-03-26 - The Brussels Government today approved the Beliris(*) master plan for the construction of a new metro line between Evere-Bordet and Gare du Nord railway stations. This plan is coupled to the project of the STIB-MIVB and the Brussels-Capital Region to transform the tram lines linking the Gard du Nord and Gare du Midi to Albert into a metro line. For locals and visitors to Brussels, this represents an important step in the creation of a new high-performance link. ‘The new metro line is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Brussels for the next ten years,’ said the Minister of Transport. ‘Together with the redevelopment of the city centre’s boulevards into a pedestrian zone, this project will help improve mobility and ensure a better quality of life for residents, commuters and tourists.’

The new metro line should be complete by 2024, creatinga major new link between the north and south of the Region. The project is divided into two parts. The section between the Gare du Nord in Schaerbeek and Evere (Gare de Bordet) is managed by Beliris. The Region is also working with the STIB-MIVB on the conversion of the pre-metro route between Gare du Nord and Albert (Forest) into a metro line.

Because it is essential for the two projects to advance in step so that an effective metro can be brought into use within the next decade, the Government of Brussels has decided to establish an overall coordinating committee to oversee and handle both projects and sort out any problems immediately. ‘Although there are two different developers, I regard this as one project,’ stated the Minister of Transport. ‘It is therefore essential to have consultation and coordination between the sub-projects. This is why the Government has decided that a singlecommunication campaign will be developed for the entire new metro line.’ The campaign will be run by the STIB-MIVB, which as well as communicating with the general public will work hard to inform local residents who will be impacted by this project. At the end of 2015, the first information meetings will be organised to present the first concrete plans.

Regarding the link between the Bordet and Nord railway stations, the Government today approved the Beliris master plan. This means that a new tunnel will be created and new metro stations excavated at Place Liedts, Place Colignon, Place Verboekhoven, Square Riga, the intersection of Rue Verdonck and Rue Van Hamm and Square de la Paix and near Bordet station. In the coming months, the plans will be finalised so that the building permit applications can be submitted by the end of this year.

 (*)Cooperation Agreement between the Federal State and the Brussels-Capital Region, setting out initiatives to promote Brussels’ international role and function as a capital.