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Molenbeek 2014 continues with MolenZik

Molenbeek 2014 continues with MolenZik

2014-06-17 - After MolenStart, MolenDance and MolenCanal, a further important step in ‘Molenbeek, Capital of Culture 2014’ is coming up: MolenZik, which like MolenCanal will be organised with the support of the Urban Development Agency, will take place on 20, 21 and 22 June.

The fruit of an unprecedented collaboration between the Centre for the Arts and Social Cohesion, VK concerts and the municipality of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, MolenZik is a free music festival at which the upbeat mood will be in keeping with the events that it marks: the return of the outdoor Music Festival, VK concerts’ anniversary marking 25 vibrant years, the celebration in music of ‘Molenbeek, Capital of Culture 2014’ and the inauguration of the redesigned Place Communale, which has been converted into a shared space, the first of its kind in Brussels. Various other events have chosen to join in the fun: the aperitif concert of l’Heure musicale, the concerts of the Music Academy, the Dawn Chorus, and of course the 6th ‘Ôde Molenbeek’ Street Theatre Festival.

The programme features three days of music of all descriptions.All partners have prided themselves on preparing a high-quality programme, drawing on the enthusiasm of local residents and volunteers.

MolenZik is all about sending out a new and positive signal from Molenbeek, enjoying a good dose of music, culture and artistic experiences, and most importantly, having an opportunity to celebrate together, World Cup or no World Cup!


  • 20/06 - Music Festival

16.00 Official opening of Place Communale with brass band music

18.00 MolemCapitale

18.45 Fanfaraï

20.15 Manou Gallo

22.00 Flavia Coelho

  • 21/06 - 25 years VK concerts

15.00 Piknik Elektronik

17.00 STUFF.

18.15 BRNS

19.45 Puppetmastaz

21.30 Max Romeo

23.00 After Party

  • 22/06 - Ô’ de Molenbeek, bird walk, L’Heure musicale and close of MolenZik

08.00 Dawn chorus

11.00 L’Heure musicale

14.00 Ô’ de Molenbeek

18.30 MolemCapitale Fusion, Omar Souleyman, Idir


  • Concerts Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Place Communale, Molenbeek
  • Afterparty (€5), Saturday: 23.00-04.00, VK (Rue de l’École, 76)
  • Dawn chorus, Sunday: 8.00, Parc Albert
  • L’Heure musicale, Sunday: 11.00, Maison communale
  • Ô’ de Molenbeek street theatre festival, Sunday: 14.00-18.00, Rue Sainte-Marie